Looks like it’s time for another giveaway! This month’s giveaway is going to be a young Darlingtonia californica! I received seeds sometime last year from a good friend Phil Golding, and have grown this cutie patootie out from seed. It is almost one year old :)! This is one of the largest seedlings I have, which means this specific plant is likely more vigorous and hardy than the rest! This giveaway will END on the 29th of this month!
1. Share this giveaway! If you share it and a friend signs up, comment below who the friend/friends is/are and you will be entered again for each friend that signs up!

2. Submit your email below to be entered:


3. U.S ONLY, sorry non-U.S.-ers 🙁

4. Giveaway ENDS May 29 at 11:59 P.M. I will choose the winner and email them, if they do not reply within 2 days I will choose another winner!
It's small but its a strong one!
It’s small but its a strong one!


Here’s my short care guide for Cobra lilies:

Light: I do partial sun, and a lot of indirect sun.

Soil: Peat mixed with pumice 40/60, a good aerated mix is important.

Water: Top water, if you can somehow give them running/trickling water they’ll love that, make sure there is good drainage. If you’re unable to top water then keep them in a tray with low levels of water. On hot days I put pieces of ice on top of the soil to keep the roots cool.

Dormancy: This plant will slow growth during the winter season, make sure it doesn’t freeze for long periods of time, if it does freeze in your area you’ll need to protect the plant.

Contact me if you want more in depth care info! Just wanted to make this brief 🙂

Good luck to everyone!!!


  1. Xzavier says:

    Hey Lulu Megan! I shared w/ Christian Le, Ferdinand Erhard, Kenneth Griffin, and Noemi Garces. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

        • Lulu Megan says:

          Thanks! Got Chris L in twice! If you do find out if your friends entered let me know and I’ll re enter you 🙂 You could always post their first names and first initial of their last and I’ll look for you and enter you for each person who did!

    • Lulu Megan says:

      It’s nearly a year old now. I sowed the seeds in June of last year. I had about 6 potS full of seedlings and this one is one of the first pots I took all of the seedlings out of and gave their own pot. Seems like once you give them more space they grow at a surprisingly fast pace. The ones that I’ve left in the original pots that are full of seedlings are much smaller than the ones I separated.

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