September Giveaway!



This month’s giveaway will be a D. muscipula “B52”! I figured I’d give away a flytrap before they all go dormant and start looking sleepy.

B52’s are one of the largest cultivars of carnivorous plants, they are extremely vigorous and their traps get GIANT! It has vibrant red and green coloring and (in my opinion) is one of the most impressive flytraps.

Just for comparison, a B52 on the left surrounded by other cultivars of flytraps.
Just for comparison, a B52 on the left surrounded by other cultivars of flytraps.
Giveaway Plant
Giveaway Plant
Giveaway Plant
Giveaway Plant


This is a full grown plant that will be shipped in a 5 inch deep pot.


  • U.S. Only
  • First 25 people to enter get double entered
  • Share on Facebook to get double entered (proof of share necessary, tag Botanical Ninja Facebook).
  • Share on Instagram to get double entered (if you share on FB and IG you’ll be entered 3 times) Tag @andtheforestbegantosing

The giveaway ends Saturday September 23rd, I will contact the winner via email for their shipping info.

Good luck everyone!

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Care: B52’s are pretty easy to care for, keep them in 5+ hours of sun, water via tray method using reverse osmosis, distilled, or rain water. They will probably catch their own food, but if you insist on feeding them, only feed freshly killed bugs or re-hydrated freeze dried bloodworms.


    • Lulu Megan says:

      B52s are awesome plants 🙂 I have a whole bunch because I like how fast and large they grow! I’m excited to share their awesomeness with someone 😀

  1. Nicole Riley says:

    I have only 1 flytrap (D. muscipula that I grew from seed. My first VFT! This would really be exciting to own another one, more colored and larger traps. I wish all of us “Good Luck”. Somebody will be the lucky one 🙂
    Thank you for your generosity Lulu!

    Nicole Riley

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