First Botanical Ninja Giveaway!

Welcome to the very first Botanical Ninja Giveaway!

This giveaway features the stunning Pinguicula moranensis. The winner will get one of these bug killing beauties!

Rules to be Entered:

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  2. Enter your email below to be put into the raffle!

Giveaway ends April 15th! The winner will be emailed for their shipping info so that I can send the plant the following Monday. *US ONLY*


P. moranensis is an easy to care for Pinguicula and is always an impressive looking carnivorous plant. It produces deep purple flowers in the beginning of spring, and transforms its leafs into a deep pink rose color as it grows into the summer. P1040988




Plant will be shipped bare root, so have a pot ready!

Good luck to all the applicants! Feel free to share this giveaway with your plant friends!


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