October Giveaway!

This is a late and short giveaway compared to the rest!

What am I giving away this month? Its small but cute as heck.

D. paleacea “Giant Form” gemmae!

Growing from gemmae is so rewarding, I still remember my first time trying from gemmae because I heard it was a little bit easier than growing from seeds, and it really wasn’t too hard!

Now if you’ve never grown from gemmae and are interested in trying, check out my guides so you know what you’re in for!

Click HERE for my guide on the basics of Pygmy Sundew!

Click HERE for my guide on  propagating and growing from gemmae!

If you already know how to grow from gemmae then just hop right in and enter.

It pains me to have to write this out, but if you have no interest in learning how to grow from gemmae or know anything at all about Pygmy Sundew, please refrain from entering. I would like these gemmae to go to a home where they will grow into mature plants that are loved!

So to start off this giveaway…


  • U.S. Only
  • One entry per person


Giveaway ends October 30th at midnight!


Good luck everyone!


  1. Nancy Thane says:

    I don’t think I’ve previously entered this giveaway, (I have sporadic memory issues) so if I have, please disregard second entry. :~D

    I love your website, I’ve been finding a lot of info that is so important to a newbie like me.

    Have a great Halloween!


  2. kyrst says:

    I was just considering purchasing some of these gemmae from you! I have a little flytrap, and I’m hoping to try and start growing some sundews 🙂

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