Summer Giveaway!


Here comes another giveaway for the Summer! This month I’ll be giving away a 4 inch pot full of the beautiful Utricularia livida. This Utric is easy to grow and has elegant little purple and white flowers.

You can pot it into any cute pot of your choice (e.g. Teacup) or let it go wild in pots of your other Carnivores!


This will be shipped potted.


  • U.S. Only
  • First 25 people to enter get double entered

The giveaway ends Saturday July 30th I will contact the winner via email for their shipping info.

Good luck everyone and get ready for my first upcoming Summer Sale on July 20th! Lots of new plants will be in stock including different kinds of Drosera, Sarracenia, Dionaea!

Sign Up Here!

Giveaway Ended!

Care: Utricularia livida care is very simple, they survive well in almost any Carnivorous Plant media mix, can do well in full to part sun, and like bog conditions. They can be grown with flytraps, pitcher plants, sundews, and practically any other CP!


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