The Anxious Gardener

Nepenthes ‘Helen’ x spectabilis

Calling for all other anxious gardeners! (Hoping I’m not the only one)

I’m definitely not the typical grower, this sounds strange, but despite my success with growing carnivorous plants, I always have extreme anxiety about checking plants for fear that the plant is dying.

Bought this 5 dollar Nep from plant friend Rich Yerry!

Yes, plants do die even in the best circumstances. Sometimes they just poop out and there isn’t too much you can do about it. I don’t mean I never touch my plants, I water them and make sure temps and humidity are always right… but I just don’t LOOK at my plants. I’m so nervous about what I’ll see that I just keep doing the best I can to keep them happy.

Plants die on the best of botanists, I’ve had many plants both rare and common die on me, and it’s just as heart breaking every time. Not checking my plants is also kind of bittersweet  as well… I spend so long not looking at my plants, that when I finally do – I have some happy surprises!

For example:

This is a seed grown plant, the cross was made by Paul Barden

I got this plant back in September from a friend at the NECPS show as a pitcher-less tiny Nep. I was forcing myself to look through my plants today and noticed this guy for the first time since I got it. Two hefty pitchers! I had no idea how this Nep would turn out because it’s a hybrid (that I’m pretty sure hasn’t been made before) but I am insanely pleased with its stripey little pitchers!

It’s always nice to finally look at my plants and see a huge growth spurt in them. I guess being an anxious gardener has its perks 🙂


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