Werewolf Spawn!

If you don’t already know this about me… I LOVE flytraps.


Some may say I’m biased, but I think all carnivorous plants are THE best plants in the world! I have special love in my heart for Venus flytraps. They are just so unique and interesting! I recently acquired a pretty new kind of flytrap called ‘Werewolf Spawn’ from The Carnivore Girl as a Christmas gift.



This youngling grew extremely fast for me and I now have it outside in full sun where it’s living the life. What makes this flytrap so cool is how the teeth look like the claws of a Werewolf!





This flytrap has been an extremely vigorous grower for me and is definitely a highlight of my flytrap collection, whenever I walk out to look at my flytraps this one always draws my attention. Matt and Leah at Flytrap Store sell these awesome babies.

This “spawn” originated from the ‘Werewolf’ cultivar. The mother plant was self-pollinated, and it just so happened that 13 of the seeds had these specific traits. You can get one of your own at Flytrap Store here.

For whatever strange reason, flytrap cultivars are like Pokémon to me.

Gotta catch ’em all!


Okay super cheesy but seriously, I love all the flytraps and love getting different cultivars 😉 Feel free to comment what your favorite flytrap cultivars are!

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